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3 Creative Ways to Find Your Dream Job

Finding a job is hard. Finding a decent job is extremely difficult. Finding your dream job? Next to impossible, right? This is why we are going to let you in on some creative ways to find the job that you have looking for since you started your career.

Now, it should be mentioned that these approaches are unique and require a ton of work. It is not a send CV and hope for the best type thing. They will require creativity, confidence and a whole lot of motivation!

Research the companies that you wish to work for

A few years ago, HR specialists would say to research the companies you are applying for to make the cover letter more personalized. This might have worked years ago but today? Today it is just part of the process. When I say research, I really do mean research. Follow employees on social media, try to interact with the management, collect information regarding the company’s performance, go deep.

Yes, this might look a bit overkill, but the goal here is not to find a job, it’s to find your dream job. The effort is totally worth it, right? From here, you can consider two different approaches.

First, you can try to insert yourself in the company’s environment, as in, befriending employees and/or management through social media. A familiar face will always be ahead of unknown variables, despite their resumes. On top of that, if you are getting along with employees, they can let you know how the landscape is at the moment; if anyone is leaving or if the management is displeased about something or someone. Then, you will be ready to step in!

Second, you can study the company’s performance and explain what you can do to improve it. Create a creative and beautiful presentation coupled with a modern CV. The management’s jaws will drop for sure.

Create a blog

If you like to write or if you can showcase your talent on a website, blogging is a great tool to get you out there. A blog about your professional skills is the perfect portfolio. You can show that you know what you are talking about and your writing will show signs of your personality.

There are several benefits to developing a blog/portfolio. This takes your resume and elevates it to a whole new level. You can even get some freelance work while waiting to impress your dream company.

Or, if you are successful enough and drawing visitors to your blog, who knows, you might just get a great side gig rolling and some cash flowing in. Another cool strategy that, sadly, can only get accomplished after your blog has grown a bit, is writing a dazzling article on the company that you wish to apply to.


Nowadays, a blog is always recommended for people that can showcase their skills through a website. You have more control and you seem thousand times more professional and experienced.

Lose your USB drive

This one does not sound like a tip, but it really is! If the previous two look a bit daunting at first, you can try this unorthodox way to get yourself in there.

Obviously, this only works if you have access to the building and if you are brave enough to walk around the company without standing out too much! Buy a few cheap USB drives, get your resume in there and a funny cover letter. Now, walk around the building and try to leave those drives in strategic places, near management or their secretaries.

The USB is more mysterious and surprising, but you can also leave closed letters or paper sheets with a cool presentation first, and then your resume.

This works due to two reasons. One, people are curious. If you see a USB drive that you do not know, you always check out what it has inside. We can’t help it, it’s exciting! And that will happen here, too, but they will find your curriculum instead. Second, it is funny, unique and it will make the person who gets the drive chuckle. This makes people want to work with you.

Final thoughts

Lastly, none of this is possible with a boring resume. You have to invest a lot of time in your resume’s design and see what works. Ask your friends and family for opinions. Those old lists with sections for experience, interests, skills, and more, do not work anymore. They make employers fall asleep.

Hence these new (and crazy) methods are working more and more. They leave an impression. However, they do take a lot of time to develop and maintain, so you should start right now building your own strategy to find your dream job.