Types of email marketing

Types of email marketing

For a successful campaign, you need to use different types of email marketing. There are many of them, but you’ll find the 9 most important ones on this list. These are the emails that you most definitely need to send to your customers to create and nurture a relationship with them.

1. Welcome emails

Nurturing is important because most of the leads aren’t ready to make a purchase after the first email. Welcome emails are actually there to introduce your organization, not make sales pitches. They provide a personal touch, and you shouldn’t introduce new services and products before building a relationship with your customers. Use welcome emails to make a good first impression and show that you have the expertise and knowledge to give your customers what they need. This is one of the types of email marketing that creates possibilities for future contact, as long as you don’t make a bad first impression.

2. Newsletters

Email Newsletters are often the foundation of email marketing for many organizations and businesses. They are great for educating your customers about your business, showcasing your projects, and any other relevant information. This is one of the types of email marketing which requires you to determine your goals first. What do you want to achieve with your newsletter? Maybe you want your existing customers to always think about your brand when they need a service or a product that you offer, or you want to increase sharing to gain new emails for your list. Decide on the metrics you’ll use to measure your success as well. Ongoing communication is always great for nurturing relationships and making sure that you keep your customers happy. You’ll also get valuable insights about your customers if you use a marketing CRM such as Hubspot to track metrics and send emails. There are many free email marketing plugins for WordPress that can also help you with this as well.

3. Stand-alone emails

Stand-alone emails are also known as dedicated emails, and they contain information about just one offer. For example, you can inform your target audience about an event that you’re hosting or a new blog post on your website. Since there is just one goal and one message, you can create a focused call to action. This is one of the types of email marketing that you use to send emails to your entire audience, which you won’t need to do often.

Types of email marketing4. Lead nurturing emails

Lead nurturing is a part of inbound marketing, which helps you understand your leads’ needs and timing. Defining your buyer personas can help you effectively reach out to your target audience. This is one of the types of email marketing that lets you connect series of emails that include useful content and a coherent purpose. Use promotional emails to promote your blog posts, eBooks, discount offers, or anything else, and inform your customers about the latest happenings in your business. You can use an automated system to send these emails, which will save you money and time. Make sure to make different kinds of promotional nurturing emails so that they suit your customers’ needs based on their current position in the marketing funnel.

5. Sponsorship emails

All of the types of email marketing that I mentioned so far are for your email database, but what if you’d like to gain new leads by reaching another audience? This is where sponsorship emails come in handy, especially if they come with display ads. They are a part of paid media strategy, and you’ll achieve greater success if you can be very specific when you describe your target audience. The vendor will require you to design ad placement or email copy according to their specifications.

6. Transactional emails

When your contacts take a specific action, it triggers transactional emails, which allow them to complete the action they wanted to take. This can be a thank you email with login information or an email asking recipients to confirm the registration. eCommerce sites send them so that customers would confirm their order and find shipment information or other details about the purchase.

7. Re-engagement emails

As the name suggested, this is one of the types of email marketing that helps you re-establish contact with inactive subscribers. Ask them for feedback, and you’ll gain valuable insights and remind them of your business at the same time. Even if they choose to unsubscribe, the email engagement rates are going to improve, and you’ll increase your email reputation among ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

8. Brand story emails

Storytelling triggers an emotional response, and this is always good for business. Does your brand have a personal story behind it, or have you’ve made a company profile video? Share it with your customers, and they’ll learn more about who you are and how you can help them.

9. Review request emails

Customers often use Google Reviews, Glassdoor, or some other website to leave reviews, and this can help you improve the search engine results and build credibility. Ask your most satisfied customers to leave a review and offer something in return, like a possibility to win a gift card.