Different types of GPS trackers

What are the Different Types of GPS Tracking Software?

GPS technology has become an essential part of modern life. Its uses including tracking vehicles, cellphones, keeping track of deliveries, pets, people, etc. GPS tracking or a Global Positioning System can point the location of a person or an object with astonishing precision.

GPS tracks three separate Data sets:

Navigation: Navigating the path takes to travel

Timing: Time is taken to travel from current location to destination

Positioning: The exact location of the person, vehicle, or device.

The technology was initially created for military purposes in the 1960s, and it became available to the public in 1983. It has grown a lot since then and is now used for various purposes such as search and rescue, tracking vehicles and parcels, etc.

Types Of GPS Tracking Software

The usage of GPS tracking has increased over time. It is not just for tracking location but also recreation and fun. Here are some of the different types of tracking software used in GPS systems.

Vehicle-Grade Software

The software is used in vehicle tracking systems. It uses a GPS satellite to provide drivers latest navigation information. GPS software makes sure the maps are up-to-date, and they can track the location of the vehicle.

The vehicle-grade software can also look ahead of the vehicle’s current location and look ahead based on the destination. It can provide the most convenient or shortest route to the destination. This type of GPS tracking software has millions of POI (points of interest), and it can identify important stops on the way such as grocery stores or gas stations.

Mobile Phone Tracking GPS

gps-vehicle-tracking-softwareThe mobile phone tracking GPS software uses either GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) or GPS and uses cellular technology to tell the location of the mobile phone. GSM is not as precise as the other types.

GSM uses the strength of the roaming signal to locate a phone based on its distance from the nearest cellular tower. If the mobile phone has integrated GPS then the phone can tap into a GPS satellite to get precise coordinates.

Businesses can use mobile tracking GPS to improve their efficiency and productivity. The data is extracted from the cellphone is directly transmitted to the computer, tablet, or any other smart device. The tracking software establishes a connection between your device and the target device, making it easier for companies to track data such as calls, emails, location, etc.

GPS Logger

Businesses use GPS software to offer efficient and reliable delivery services. The GPS logger is software that continuously records the location of the shipment or a vehicle. It allows customers to keep track of their parcels.

Business owners or police officers utilize the tracking information for analyzing purchases. Law enforcement agencies can use tracking information to solve crimes and track suspects. Companies can use the data to improve their service and gain the trust of the customers. The GPS logger software is passive.

Personal GPS Tracker

The purpose of a personal GPS tracker is to offer safety and it is designed to track people. These trackers are easy to carry around as they are small and portable. They track the movements of an individual at all times.

The personal GPS trackers mostly come with an emergency button. This button allows an individual to alert security personnel of an impending emergency or threat. It helps in keeping an eye on elderly people suffering from illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

Personal GPS trackers help in keeping the kids safe and prevent abductions of pets. It helps in creating a safe zone for your kids and a pet.

Real-Time GPS Tracker

It is the most common type of GPS tracking software. Vehicles and mobile phones use it frequently. The software uses a GPS satellite to transmit data to a server without any break or delay.
Hence, it is one of the most precise and sophisticated software available. It can provide precise data regarding a person’s location or a vehicle in case of an emergency.

Companies use a real-time GPS tracker to increase productivity. Live tracking also allows fleet managers to check up on the rivers and see if they are operating efficiently or not. It is effective in improving customer service.


GPS tracking has become an essential part of life because people like to keep track of their loved ones and valuables. It offers individuals peace of mind, and businesses can use it to improve their services and satisfy their customers with quick and efficient deliveries. Moreover, GPS tracking has become a part of many applications. Many apps do not work without location tracking, so embracing it has become the need of time.