The benefits of owning a credit card

The benefits of owning a credit card

A credit card is a rectangular shape plastic card that authorizes you to purchase on credits. Consider these are important factors in your choice of easy living. But it still depends on your budget and how you use it financially. People are now embracing contactless and cashless methods because it is more convenient to use. After applying for a credit card, make sure you use it with a repaid borrowed amount to avoid big penalties.

The card issuer always secured your credit card account, so make sure you wouldn’t share your credit card info with someone to avoid fraud. A credit card can extremely give us benefits because it offers us the greatest convenience in buying or purchasing things in terms of making easy payments and easy transactions of it. And we will simply not carry a big amount of money when we leave our house.

Credit Card Tips

Shop On-Line

Credit cards give you 2x, 3x, or even 6x reward points every time you shop online, read and learn the credit card online reward to maximize it.

Can Opt Personal Loan During Emergencies

A credit card can enable you to unutilized and convert your credit limits, into an emergency personal loan, in up to a period of 90 days with an interest-free.

Use Right Card for Purchasing

Make sure to learn the use of your credit card, like a travel credit card… To book for hotels, flight tickets and etc. using the wrong variant card will reduce, number of reward points and simultaneously benefits less from your credit card.

online shopping credit card

Redeeming Reward Points

Redeeming points can give you exclusive recharge and shopping vouchers and even cash-backs.

Just remember always pay the total amount due within the given period to avoid additional charges on outstanding dues. So that your credit score will improve significantly!

Credit Card Limit

The most important thing to understand in having a credit card is the limit on how to use it. Credit limits may affect your purchasing or payment. Of course, you want to have the highest possible limit in increasing your purchase. But unfortunately, you’ll didn’t know how much you use your credit card limit until you’ll have an approved credit card given by the credit card provider. That will give you an idea of whether you’ll have a high or low credit limit.

Increase Credit Card Limit

First, you will wait for your lender to increase your credit card limit, and second, you can request for it, But please be aware and don’t be so reckless for spending and purchasing things using your credit card.

Automatic increase, your lender will automatically increase your credit limit if you have been a trustworthy customer. When you made a reasonable transaction and paid all your outstanding dues on time and maintaining high credit scores.

Requesting credit card limits, the best way to increase your credit card limits is to simply ask for them. Call the customer care credit card company or go to their branch, and submit an application for your credit card increase. If you recently have a promotion or change of job and clear existing loans, that can get approval from a credit card provider, it is good to discuss it with them. So they can evaluate the relevant proof that you show and grant your request.

The differences between a Credit card and a Debit card

They maybe look identical because it was made with a rectangular shape and a flat plastic cards. They are similar in some ways, they can be used by withdrawing money from ATM machines and cashless transactions online or offline at the point of sale terminal. The difference between credit cards and debit cards, the credit cards were used to provide you credits and allows you to borrow money with the card provider up to a certain credit limit. As with the debit cards, it was the amount of what you were spending in your bank account and allows cardholders to make cashless transactions by using their deposited bank accounts.

Different kinds of credit cards that may suit you

  • Rewards credit card
  • Travel credit card
  • Student credit card
  • Bussines credit card
  • Balance transfer credit card
  • Secured credit card
  • Cashback credit card
  • Zero percent APR credit card
  • Low-interest credit card


Credit card is neither good nor bad it depends on how we use them. So use your credit card in the most responsible and useful way, so you wouldn’t end up in debt. And enjoy your increasing reward points and cashback if you have your own credit card.