Modern Furniture set up idea

Ideas For A Modern Furniture Set Up 

Spending more time at home has made some of us creative and more conscious of the spaces we live in. We are now more interested in ensuring these spaces are comfortable and beautiful. For a long time, we did not care much for aesthetics since we spent less time at home and thus, we did not notice when the pieces of furniture needed an upgrade or repair.

The aesthetic value of a modern living room is mostly dependent on the principle of less is more. Having too much furniture in the living room makes the place look cluttered; therefore, as you try to achieve a warm look and feel to the living room, you should also try to create some space with less but efficient furniture. Below are some ideas for a modern living room furniture set up that can help improve the outlook of your living room.

Consider A Neutral Color Palette 

Light hues make a small space look larger. Therefore if you have a tiny living room, you can choose to use grey, white, and beige colors for your furniture. If the light colors seem so monotonous, you can accentuate the space by adding throw pillows with bright colors. As you try to add some pomp and color to your small space, ensure the colors blend well.

Invest In Sleek Furniture 

Suppose you want to achieve a modern look in your living room. Look for simple and good looking furniture. Some of the things that make up sleek furniture include quality fabric and texture. Having ornate furniture may ruin the modern look you are trying to achieve. You can also add antique furniture to bring a vintage look to your living room. You can do this by purchasing an antique table or cabinet. Sometimes vintage gives the house a feel of a bygone era. Most of them are also durable.

Go For More Natural Materials

Natural materials such as bamboo and wood are not only durable but also add warmth to space. We could write a whole book on the benefits of using natural materials for your furniture, like bamboo’s ability to regulate temperature or the durability of granite. Therefore as you try to upgrade the aesthetic of your living, try to incorporate more natural fabrics and materials into the space to make it modern and inviting. Some of the natural materials you can use for your furniture include

  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Bricks
  • metal

Choose Furniture That Has Built-in Storage

Wooden furniture setup

Furniture with built-in storage will help you de-clutter your house and make it more organized. We tend to accumulate things with time, and thus, we could use some ample storage space. Therefore if you buy furniture, ensure they have storage slots. For example, when buying a TV stand, you can look for one with compartments or a drawer that can serve as a storage space for books or magazines, which tend to crowd the living room. You can also opt for a couch with a hidden storage space to put things that you do not use frequently.

Add Metallic Finishes To Your Furniture 

Metallic finishes give life to otherwise boring home decor. Therefore to make the furniture more bold and modern, you can add metallic materials such as stainless steel on seat handles, on the edges of the table or cabinet handles. For uniformity purposes, you can choose to use one metal material to furnish most of the house items.  Furthermore, you can also add a few antiques to your living room to bring out the vintage look. For example, you can opt for an antique table or cabinet. Not only do they boost the outlook of your living room, but also they enjoy great longevity.

Invest In Multipurpose Furniture 

Your living room may serve as your home office or children’s study area. Therefore you need to look for furniture that accommodates various activities, especially in terms of comfort. With more people forced to work at home and stay home more, the living room has somehow stopped being just a stopover place.

Try Out An Open-layout Plan

Embracing an open plan layout will mean you can use the negative spaces without looking too off. It is possible by embracing uniform furniture. Your dining set and living room furniture should at least have almost the same color to make the house look unified. An open layout makes the house seem spacious, especially if; you arrange the furniture away from the wall; also, tying the furniture in an open layout will give the house some sense of uniformity. For example, if you go with a wooden design, then you should try to repeat this design in every section.

Final Thoughts 

If you find pleasure in beautiful spaces, then you probably understand the essence of sleek furniture in a house. Furniture is to a house what books are to a library. Furniture not only makes the house warm but also allows you to design your space. The type of furniture you have determines the form your living room space will take. Therefore among the many interior design investments you should make, furniture should take the center stage.