is pet insurance worth it

Is Pet Insurance Worth it?

Many of us love our pets like our own family, and there are many health benefits of owning a pet. Some say by regularly playing and walking with our pets, can decrease blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that the bond with people and pets can cure our loneliness, stress, and depressions by giving us companionship.

Most households actually have a pet at their home, because pets bring happiness to their owners. So give them insurance to ensure their life. There’s a lot of Pet Insurance to apply with and some others apply only to certain breeds and species.

Pet insurance benefits

Pet insurance is like human health insurance in some other ways. It offers plans for a single pet or for a family plan of any size of pets and an unlimited plan for all your pets in your households. The insurance plan comes with a discounted veterinary services including treatments related to:

  • accidents
  • preventive cares
  • illness
  • pre-existing conditions
  • wellness

What pet insurance doesn’t cover

Pet Insurance is depending on how much you are willing to spend on your beloved pets that can provide a wide array of coverage for accidents, wellness, illness, and all expensive treat. It’s important to understand that the coverage provided by one type of policy generally doesn’t include coverage offered by another type.  For example, Wellness coverage – is for routine including annual checkups, preventive care, vaccinations, and dental work such as cleaning your pet’s teeth that don’t cover accident or illness coverage. And likewise, an accident only doesn’t cover illness or wellness.


Are typically found in a section title among the line of the insurance company website, that was not covered. Restriction or exclusion are often outnumbered by covered conditions for considering pet insurance, make sure you read and review the list of exclusions before signing the insurance company contract.

” What We Do Not Cover ” Here are some exclusions most found in pet insurance policies:

  • Age Exclusion – Most insurers wouldn’t cover a pet younger than 8 years old week of age or write a new policy about 14 years old depending on the breed or species of your pet. Even it was covered and provided for older pets of their coverage and will likely much more expensive.
  • Breed Exclusion – Breeds like cats and dogs are mostly excluded or insurable at any cost because they were most likely prone to a certain medical condition, such as diabetes or ligament injuries.
  • Theft or Death of Pet – Theft or death is usually covered by insurance companies.
  • Pregnancy of Pet – If your pet becomes pregnant, some policies offer coverage in having complications, but most pregnancy is excludable.
  • Period of Wating – Almost all pet insurance policies have usually a ten to thirty days waiting period. Without any coverage needed. But once the waiting period is over they will provide the coverage. But if it happens before the waiting period the insurance will not cover it.
  • Preexisting Medical Conditions – The most common exclusion is for a pre-existing medical condition. Any medical history that your pet has before the start is subject to exclusion.

pet insurance

Coverage/ Additional Options

Some pet insurance company offers additional levels of coverage within each main types of options at additional cost.

List of insurance common additional samples:

  • Liability coverage for bites or injuries caused by your pet. (but some pet insurance offers it as an option )
  • Rewards for lost pets. (but some pet insurance offers it as an option )
  • Pet boarding and incapable of caring for the pet
  • Emergency out-of-country treatment.

Do Vets consider pet insurance?

Of course yes, because every pet owner should consider pet insurance. Pet insurance save thousands of money, even if you have money to veterinary cost for your pets. Especially if have a lot of pets it was a really big saving for your pockets.

Guides For Buying the Best Insurance for Your Pet

Before you purchase there are a few things you should consider in buying your pet insurance. You should better understand whats the policy provides and determine the health of the pet to your budget.

Pet Insurance Cost / Here are Some Big Factors:

  • Amount of coverage: Unlimited coverage is the most expensive you can buy to your pet’s insurance.
  • Type of Coverage: Some pet insurance policies are more expensive than others it because it offers more policies to cover.
  • Number of Pets: Many insurance companies offer a discount for adding more than one to your pet policy, but it will be more expensive to purchase.
  • Pet breeds: Pet insurance company considers your pet’s breed but they calculate your rate because some breeds are more likely experiencing having health issues.
  • Deductable: For a high deductible to your pet insurance might be a good option if you afford it.

To all Pets Parents pick the best Pet Insurance to ensure the health and life of your (kiddos) pets.